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What are Amateur Points?

  • These are points that you will gain as a team throughout the year across ALL tournaments. The whole idea behind Amateur Points is to keep teams playing in ALL of our tournaments to keep it competitive while using these points to qualify for CHAMPS at the end of the year.

  • These points stay with the team throughout the season and not the individual player so moving to a different roster doesn't do anything points wise.

How do you use the points?

  • These points are used to Qualify for the $20,000 Phase One Champs at the end of the year. The top 20 teams will automatically qualify so every tournament that you play in during this year has meaning.

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How are the points earned?

Normal Tournament Points

1st: 1000

2nd: 900

3rd: 800

4th: 700

5th: 600

6th: 500

7th: 400

8th: 300

9th: 200

10th: 100

11th-20th: 75

21st-40th: 50

LAN Qualifiers Points

1st: 2000

2nd: 1800

3rd: 1600

4th: 1400

5th: 1200

6th: 1000

7th: 800

8th: 600

9th: 400

10th: 200

11th-20th: 150

21st-40th: 100

LAN Points

1st: 4000

2nd: 3600

3rd: 3200

4th: 2800

5th: 2400

6th: 2000

7th: 1600

8th: 1200

9th: 800

10th: 400

11th-20th: 300

21st-40th: 200

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