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Angel "Angellegos" Mendez

Manager and Co-Founder

Hey, I'm Angellegos. Angel or Legos for short. I am currently a college in Southern California student majoring in Computer Science and was also looking to play baseball in College as well until I decided to go for a new path, video games. I was a console gamer at first and then in 2019 switched over to PC gaming playing Apex Legends and Fortnite. I was not fully aware of esports or competitive gaming as I was more of a casual in my time until 2020 when a friend introduced me to Apex Legends Global Series, which got me interested in competing and trying to put a name out there for myself. Throughout my time in the esports business, I was given the opportunity also to become a tournament organizer for Apex Legends communities as well as gained experience since season 5 on how to run production and also run tournaments as well whether they were big or small tournaments. I spent my time competing, organizing tournaments, and also coaching players who have wanted to get better at competitive Apex Legends.


Throughout my time I was also given the opportunity to create and run an organization of my own as a thought and dream I have had for a while to try and put something big out there for other competitors to look for and be given the opportunity that others were unable to have or were not given. I have experienced the same thing other competitors have experienced and that is to put their time and effort to turn from nobody into somebody in the community. I have also experienced that ranked and competing in ALGS is also not enough experience for players as it does not bring a quality experience similar to the professional environment as well. ALAC was made for these reasons to bring that experience to players who aren’t given the opportunity to do so whether it was college or amateur teams. Throughout the months our organization rebranded into Phase One and has been growing since and still grows to this day welcoming new members and teams looking to compete as well. It has been a journey for the organization and we still look forward to the goals we will reach together.

Discord: Angellegos#0413

Angel  "Angellegos" Mendez
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