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David "DRF" Febles

Staff Member

I'm David "DRF" and I recently graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in computer science and economics. Growing up, I was involved in a variety of athletics including basketball, cross country, and track. After my first year in college, I realized I needed something to maintain my competitive drive and find a team to join, thus I turned my attention to the world of gaming and esports. Eventually, I founded the first ever collegiate sponsored team for Splatoon 2 with UCSD Esports, who I now coach and commentate matches for. While I got my start in esports with Splatoon, I am now branching into Apex Legends with Phase One. Education and esports are my biggest passions and I hope to continue finding ways to develop these areas together.

Discord: DRF#6237

David "DRF" Febles
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