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Harry "oozi" Buckman

Staff Member

G'day, my name is Harry, and I go by oozi in game. I grew up in Perth, Australia, and now currently, I am a junior at Chowan University, an NCAA Division 2 school in North Carolina. I'm an Exercise Science major, and I plan on taking part in the graduate medicine program at the University of Western Australia once I graduate from Chowan. I grew up playing lacrosse in East Fremantle, and this love and passion I have for the game, has lead me to my current school, where I am part of the Men's Lacrosse team. Since being at Chowan I have also became involved in the collegiate apex scene, playing and captaining my school team for the last two years. Being part of ALAC has given me a unique opportunity to connect with, and be involved in a rapidly growing space, with lots of new people, faces, and names, and every day is exciting because of this. I love the opportunities ALAC brings, and can not wait to meet even more people as I continue to work for the community.

Discord: oozi#1536

Harry "oozi" Buckman
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